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Returns Guarantee
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Cancellation / Refund Guarantees

How many days do I have to make the return?
You have 2 days from the receipt of your package to review the product and request a return if there is a problem with the product not derived from transport
and 10 days to do it formally once notified.
In case of being a problem derived from the transport, the shipping company will take care of the solution and we will manage it. There are usually no problems with transport since all shipments are made very protected with the relevant packaging and are products that are mostly not fragile for transport. In this case, if it is due to transport, it must be notified at the time of receipt if you notice bumps in the package or any problem.

How should I return the product?
All products must be returned in their original packaging and must be in perfect condition. Once we receive and review them, we will reimburse them, except for the amount of transport. There are no additional handling or packaging costs.

What can I not return?
Materials already applied to any surface or vehicle cannot be returned, to make the return it must be done before applying if a problem is detected. Changes of opinion regarding the purchase or small color deviations will not be accepted as a return since the color may vary on each monitor or screen depending on brands, calibrations or display systems, so it cannot be guaranteed that the customer will see an accuracy of color with respect to the original as it happens in graphic arts in general. (If you want a proof of real color and material, you can request it by phone and you will be told how to buy it to ensure 100%)

Custom or custom made products CANNOT be returned.

Who bears the cost of the return?
The transport costs derived from the return of the product will be borne by us whenever it is an error or a manufacturing defect of ours. Other cases will be at the buyer's expense. When we do a prior assessment of your case with photographs, it is possible that we will not request the return of the material so you will not have to pay anything.

If you pay with PayPal, you also have PayPal's regular customer protection, but if you pay with bizum or card, we will be honest with you in the same way because your satisfaction and trust is very important to us.

We must be able to check in advance with a photo that the claim is valid by contacting us at or by calling us at Tel. 93 742 60 81.

If you have received a defective or wrong product, contact our customer service team and they will detail how to make the return free of charge. reserves the right to pay the amount of a defective order in the form of a discount coupon for other purchases for the same amount in orders in which the amount of the same does not exceed 30 euros since it involves a management cost and transport for both client and superior to the purchased material.

The amount of the refund will be paid by transfer or reversal of total or partial postage, depending on the case, once the defective or erroneous material has been received at our facilities.

When can i cancel?
The cancellation of an order is possible as long as its production has not started, so it must be communicated immediately to manage the refund of the amount charged and the cancellation of the order as well as its production. If the production process has already started, the order cannot be canceled. Products that are in stock and do not require manufacturing may be canceled as long as they have not already been shipped.

What happens if the order arrives somewhat late?
This assumption does not usually happen normally it always arrives earlier than expected but if this is the case
Returns will not be accepted due to delay or delays in the receipt of merchandise derived from possible problems with the shipping transport agency, causes of force majeure, pandemics that affect general transport, or other reasons beyond our control. In general, all national shipments arrive in 24/48 hours on business days and international shipments in 5-6 business days (Europe).

What happens if the order does not arrive?
If the package is lost by the transport company or there is an abnormal incident such as a delivery that does not arrive within a reasonable time, you can inform us of your case and we will take steps to locate the package and solve it or in an extreme case pay you the amount of your order if the courier company has lost it. (This has never happened to us but we prefer to leave it in writing so you know what we would do)